About Us

As a keen amateur cook and regular online shopper, I often found it difficult to find the practical, beautiful and well-designed items that I love to use, without spending hours trawling the internet. Many of these items simply weren't available online, or weren't presented in a manner befitting their status.

The Challenge
To create an online kitchenware shop that would bring together the things I love. Simple yet beautiful objects and tools, designed to make your life easier. Designers that have taken the time to think about how an item will function, as well as how it looks. Designs that aren’t faddish, but that combine both style and substance. And finally high quality manufacturing to create products that will last a lifetime.

The Result
Create Serve Keep, the home of carefully considered kitchenware. Browse our products to create delicious food and drink, serve with style, and keep your creations and ingredients safe.

If like me you’re an admirer of the clean lines and practical approach of Scandinavian design, you’ll find much to inspire you here. Many of the products on sale like Kaj Franck’s tableware and Oiva Toikka’s glassware were designed 50 or more years ago, but are just as relevant and popular today. You’ll also find modern designs, from Scandinavia and beyond, and hopefully discover some new things too.

More items will follow as they're discovered, and do get in touch if you have any suggestions.

Enjoy the collection – I hope you admire it as much as I do!